Kawi Fc420v

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by bc3xx0, Jul 10, 2010.

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    3 minutes into mowing today, the motor started banging very loud. I shut it down instantly. I just changed the blades so I thought I might have screwed something up there!! I check and they're fine. I take out my hearing protection and start it back up. Immediately starts knocking. I shut it right off, push it to the trailer and load it.

    Anyway's I tore into it a bit ago and here's what I found!



    I didn't go any farther, so I don't know what the crank journal looks like. Everything else looks normal with a visual inspection.

    So, should I retorque it, put a new gasket and seal in and run it? or Retorque it, put a new gasket and seal in it and sell it on craigslist and put the money toward new power?

    I bought this mower from a guy a year ago (dirt cheap) that said the motor was locked up because he didn't put oil in it. I was able to wiggle the flywheel to free it up and I ran it with no issues till now, so I'm thinking thats when the rod bolts loosened up. I guess I have just been lucky till now!!
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    Throw it in the scrap pile, It wouldn't be moral to try piecing it back together to un-load on some un-suspecting soul....
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    Yes, craigslist is the mecca of morality!!

    I left off my sarcasm tags on the craigslist thing!

    I'm really just wondering how long I could get by with just tightening them up and letting her fly!! These engines are tanks! I don't want to risk the downtime, and I already ordered the 15 KAI to replace it.

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