Kawi motor dead? what to do

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by mcwlandscaping, Sep 9, 2007.

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    My mower went into the shop the other day because something was really screwed up with the motor. It had next to no power and was clearly not running right. After the techs broke it down, i talked to them and they said the mower needs a new motor. I trust this dealer A LOT, but when they said this, i didn't have the presense of mind to ask why it needed one or what went wrong. My question is, if it does indeed need a new motor, should i do the swap myself? If so, where should i get the motor (i checked small engine warehouse but they didn't seem to have the right motor)? My dealer said they wanted 1200 bucks for the new motor including labor...does that sound right? This is all coming at somewhat of a shock to me, so i dont know what to do. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Motor swaps are not that difficult on wb's I did one on my Husq. Beware though if you switch brand of motor you may have to do some rewiring to get the safety system back on line.
    $1200 sounds like a bit much to me a 15 hp kawi should run you around 900 to 1000. it should only take 1.2 to 2 hours labor for the experienced mechanic, depending on the mower. it took me (my first time) about 2 hours to switch out a kohler but that is with no pto clutch.
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    How many hours on the engine? Could just be a gummed up carb or bad coil and the dealer is tryin to rip you a new one. If it does need a new engine then order one from small engine warehouse and do the swap yourself, not very difficult. http://www.smallenginewarehouse.com/ProductList.asp?Category=Engine&Supplier=Kawasaki

    Cost prolly about 700 for one just measure the shaft length and diameter on the old engine and either call them up or order online.
  4. mcwlandscaping

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    Small engine warehouse doesn't seem to show the motor that i need. They show a similar one, but it only shows it with electric start which is something i don't want because the current motor doesn't have it and i dont' want to have to wire something else. I do plan on doing a swap with the same motor so everything should just hook up to the new one. Another thing that was mentioned to me by a couple people actually was that on the kawi motors, the valves need to be adjusted periodically.....i don't know what that entails. Also, would the new motor be warranted if i did it myself? If so, how would that work? Finally for now, are there any adjustments that need to be made to the motor once it is on for the first time, or is it just hook up and go (except for the break in period if there is one). Thanks for any help!!

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    Hey Mike,

    That does sound a little high for a engine installed, Can you post the model and spec. numbers off your's so I can gander around ?

    The electric start engine if a few hundred cheaper will go right in place of your recoil engine, All you would have to do is remove the starter then install your old recoil starter cup and flywheel cover assembly. Possibly the flywheel and stator if you have electric PTO but don't have numbers to verify that.

    It doesn't matter who installs a engine you still have the same warranty, Just take the whole unit with proof of purchase date to any warranty repair dealer.

    After install do a break-in oil change at 15 to 20 hours and check/adjust valves every 300hrs. for maximum performance/engine life.

    Use the recommended oil per the chart below;


    I would recommend the 30w unless you are going to use it below the temps listed.

  6. mcwlandscaping

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    The #'s are.....

    Code: FH451V-BS04
    E/NO: FH451VA79462

    What is the shaft size of this motor so that i make sure i get the right one, and Rob, is the smallenginewarehouse.com a good place to get the motor? I saw what you were talking about with the cup that covers up where the starter goes. What else should i know about installing this motor? Any processes to follow? I do not have an electric PTO. Thanks so much Rob!!

  7. Restrorob

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    OK Mike,

    The below engine has the same part number for the crankshaft as your old one;


    Before ordering make sure by removing the crank pulley from yours and give it a quick measure.

    If you drain the oil from the old engine along with all the fuel from the tank you can flip the unit on it's side to easier remove the pulley. It's better with the engine mounted on the frame so you can pull/wedge and pry it off.

    All you have is the pulley, four mounting bolts, fuel line, kill wire and throttle cable. And of course the recoil assembly swap, Really not that much to a job like this. That's why I figured the quote they gave to be high.

    I have seen quite of few people on here purchase engines from SEW and have been fully satisfied. I have bought a couple starters and mufflers, No engines because us Techs. have the ability to repair rather than replace. :cool:

    Cya Round.....
  8. mcwlandscaping

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    I'm just wondering here Rob..... would this one fit? http://www.smallenginewarehouse.com...+32+Shaft+Fuel+Pump+Electric+Start+Oil+Filter

    It has th same shaft size as the other one and the other one looks to be already used. I'm not sure of that though, just wondering as the price difference would be kinda nice to take advantage of as well!! :)

    Just to be clear, what is involved with switching over the recoil start?
  9. Restrorob

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    After much research on my Kawi site I found that the FH381 and FH430 share the same flywheel cover while the FH451,500,541 and 580 share a different. So I would venture to say you could have a problem trying to install your flywheel cover/recoil assembly on the FH430.

    As for the FH451 at SEW it states it's a new scratch and dent. Meaning, It was most likely installed on a unit and the unit was damaged in a warehouse then stripped down and parts sold.

    But, I did stumble across this one for a few bux less than SEW;


    Someone posted a link to this place about a month ago and said he had purchased a couple engines from them.

    To change over;
    Remove the flywheel cover/recoil assembly then the recoil cup from the flywheel on your old engine, Then the flywheel and the lower flywheel cover base plate.

    Remove the cover then the flywheel and stator from the new engine then the lower flywheel cover base plate (this is slightly different on the electric start because of the starter).

    Install the lower base plate from your old engine and leave the stator out, Re-install the new flywheel then your old cover/recoil assembly then go make some money to recoup some of the money you had to spend.

  10. mcwlandscaping

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    Thanks Rob for EVERYTHING!!!! I'll probably order the one from SEW tomorrow :) really appreciate all your help


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