Kawi muffler restriction?

Discussion in 'eXmark' started by Lockman, Mar 9, 2002.

  1. Lockman

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    Just got my hp back from the muffler recall upgrade .It seems to me that the 180 degree bend to the left side then straight up would cause more back pressure resulting in power loss.Any thoughts on this. 6 inches of new snow this morning and 30mph winds so I probably won't get to try it out for A while. Also my compliments to exmark and my dealer (Jeffs small engine) for making this recall A pleasant experience.
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    Thanks for the complimentary post on your dealer. Too often we only get comments about dealers when someone's not happy. It's great to hear from a customer who offers good comments.

    The back pressure in the exhaust system is really going to occur in the muffler. The pipes themselves offer very little restriction compared to the muffler. Also we use a muffler that flows much better than most manufacturers so really we're probably on the low side of back pressure rather than the high side.

    Good question. Thanks

  3. Cutter1

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    For some reason I see myself getting burned on that new muffler they put on my lasers!!!
  4. Lockman

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    Cutter that was my fist thought also. But I think the gaurds installed on both sides should help with the accidental brush ups.My woodstove can be 400 degrees but the sheet metal spacer in back with only 2 inches of clearance will only be 150 degrees.I have alot of faith in exmarks ability to design it correctly.If an auto company handled recalls this well (pick up and del. by dealer.free blades and an apology by my dealer for the inconvenience) I would be much more brand loyal.Unforseen problems can occure with any machine but how the manufacturer reacts is very telling.

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