Kawi or Kohler

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Krafty, Jan 19, 2010.

  1. SouthSide Cutter

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    Ive had 20-27hp Kohlers never a problem. Friend had a 21 Kaw. blew both heads. Ive got the 29DFI Kaw and I dont know why ANYBODY would need anything other than this mtr. Sips gas and has good power. Just cant see the weight of a diesel or anything above 30hp myself.
  2. Big Red Ferris

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    i love my 21 Kawi power on my ferris make sure u keep up on maint. and you can get hrs out of them i just keep a eye on the valves, and run amsoil with wellworth fuel helper, they run excellent guys dont forget ur additives the ethanol eats up cylinders and they run cooler buy 5-8 degrees. And it restores power and run ngk plugs there worth it champ plugs are junk
  3. Krafty

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    hahaha sorry long day I went back and read it now and understand. I know what you mean all my ferris walkbehinds have the 23hp kawi on it but never had anything bigger. I have decided to go with the Kawi will probaly pick it up around the first of april. I will be sure to post some pics! Thanks for all the input!
  4. kl680

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    Go with the Kawa, just got done dealing with Kohler rep, and of course after a
    summer long battle and keeeping records of the oil consumption he decided that it was my fault, go figure. Keep posting all of the horror stories about the Kohlers and maybe after they get enough bad reviews they'll figure that
    maybe a little customer service will go a long way. My business was built by word of mouth, it can just as easily tear a company down.
  5. delphied

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    My Kohler burns a little oil but I dont get my shorts all knotted up over it. Most Kohlers do. Doesnt make it a terrible engine.
  6. jtkplc

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    I used the 30hp Kohler on a 66" Lazer Z and it's pretty weak. The 31hp Vanguard that I've used on a 60" Lazer Z XS which would be slightly larger than the 31hp Kawasaki, has tons of power.
  7. Alan0354

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    Any comment on Kohler small XT-7 that is used on the small 21" mower. I know it is boring for you guys!!! This is a China made about 170cc only.
  8. MONTE

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    Either engine will do fine both reliable and have good parts sources. I would also include the vanguard engines with that group!

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