Kawi to Kohler engine swap problem

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by daveslandscaping, Aug 30, 2005.

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    Thanks rob and fixer. It actually wasn't so much the info overload, just that i am 50 miles away from the machine so can't look at it. I have been posting based on what i remember from last weekend. Thanks again guys, i am sure i can figure it out this weekend with the electrical drawings and advice.
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    I am doing a similar swap. I have a Kubota T1560 with a blown Kawasaki FC420V. I have installed a Kohler CV15S engine, spec 41562. The Kohler came from a John Deere LT155. Kohler has a harness with 4 wires: white, black, yellow & green (I thought it was a trailer wire plug at first!! :). ) No ideas where any of these wires go.

    The Kawi has a white wire and a green one that come directly out of the engine. There was also a thinner red wire (18g) from the Kubota that went onto the starter along with the big red wire from POS terminal from battery. There is a black/white wire from Kubota that went onto the Kawi starter, but a separate terminal. There is also a THIN black wire from Kubota wiring harness that just seems to ground to block. Finally, the Kawi had a brown wire that slipped onto a spade terminal at the bottom of the carb.

    So I think I figured out the starter wiring. Kohler & JD seem to use a separate, remote solenoid. Kawi has the solenoid on the starter. So I took the black/white wire and it is the wire that signals the "start" mode on ignition & causes this wire to power up, and fire the starter by opening the solenoid circuit. This is now connected to one of the two smaller terminals on the remote soleniod. The second smaller terminal from this solenoid needs to be grounded.

    So where do I connect the 4 wires from the Kohler? (white, green, black & yellow)?

    Where does the old Kubota brown wire that connected to bottom of Kawi carb go to?

    The Kubota wiring harness connected to the white & green wires coming off the Kawi engine. So where do these same Kubota wires now connect on the Kohler?

    Is this confusing? Would pics help? Basically, trying to mate these up. I have a wiring diagram and can't interpret what it is trying to tell me. And Kohler doesn't seem to acknowledge their green wire.

    How do I tell if I have 3A or 15A kohler?

    then there is the throttle linkage.....

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