Kawisaki 25 HP Vertical No Spark

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by CT18fireman, Aug 20, 2010.

  1. CT18fireman

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    It was running fine on Bobcat ZTR. Got to next lawn and it won't fire. I am not getting any spark that I can tell. I have 12 Volts at purple wire which goes to volatge regulator on side of motor and 12 volts on two white wires coming off regulator and going up to coils?
  2. Restrorob

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    The two white wires go to the charging system, You need to find the black wire coming from under the flywheel cover and disconnect it. This will separate the engine from the unit safety switch system, If you now have spark you will need to start testing safety switches (seat/parking brake) etc.

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