Kawsaki FB460v won't pull start

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by StevieZ, Apr 27, 2008.

  1. StevieZ

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    kawasaki fb460v ms14, on an Exmark Metro 3613ka s/n >140,000

    I can't get my Kawasaki to pull start w/o using starting fluid, (I know thats bad), I have installed the proper NGK, A new carb ( the old new one had the wrong jets), when it runs, it runs fine, The choke is closing all the way.

    So I am wondering is it the ACP, automatic compression release, change the headgasket, or grind the valves?

    Thanks in advance, Oh would a manual help at all?
  2. dbianchilndscpe

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    Is it a 14 horse? I was unaware of a compression release on the fb460v(mines a 12.5h single cylinder). Anyways,low compression(no less than 60 psi),weak coil(will run but not start well) gas tank cap might have plugged fuel hole,weak flywheel(caused by impact gun tightening),cracked or worn flywheel magnets or pinched or broken coil wire. A manual would help,but only a workshop manual.
  3. StevieZ

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    I pulled the head, and found some of the bolts loose, and the intake valve has a nice ring worn into it. I got my shop manual today. Monday I plan to get the valves refaced and the seats ground also. I plan to check the head for warpage also. The spark looks strong, the flywheel magnets are clean and tight. I thinkthe valves are my key.

    Thanks for your help

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