KBB in Charlotte?

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by noswal, Nov 3, 2018.

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    Hello- where is the best place to find? I know it can have mixed results here but I'm pretty doing pretty ok with KBB blends that I'm overseeing with. Would like to try for a stronger concentration.
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    If you mean Kentucky bluegrass, yes, you are a bit two far south--unless Charlotte is up in the mountains. If you have irrigation and are ready for an occasional overseed--it may work. Really you are in tall fescue country. Get a modern type tall fescue, dark green, with high resistance to brown patch, and also a high level of LS (lateral spreading ability). This LS trait gives it self-repair ability, and the spreading results in increased density.

    The big seed companies like to deal in large quantities, using regional salesmen. For amounts under 50 pounds I suggest dealing with a local landscape supply company. Or just get Scotts. Avoid the cheap seed. Avoid anything with perennial rye in the mix.
    If you want something extra special and don't mind paying a bit more for disease resistance, then:
    Or try Outsidepride.com.
    Maybe http://newsomseed.com/grassseedvarieties.html
    in Maryland.

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