KBG lawn, plant multiple cutivars of KBG or a blend of KBG, rye, fescue?

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    When planting a new lawn from seed.

    Should you seed with a mixture of just KBG seeds like "Best of the Blues" mix which has Midnight, Challanger, Denim and Opti-green, all KBG cultivars.

    Or do you recommend a blend of multiple cultivars of different species. I see so often a blend such as one they call Bluemix that is 50% Baron or KenBlue Kentucky Bluegrass, 40% Morning Star or Shining Star Perennial Ryegrass, and 10% Flyer I - Creeping Red Fescue.

    The lawn I am re doing is south facing on a slight hill about 1200 sq feet. I have killed the old lawn with roundup and roto-tilled Canadian Sphagnum peat moss into the soil. We live in Denver Colorado.

    So what is better a pure KBG mix or a blend of KBG, rye and fescue? Why would you do one over the other?
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    No doubt an all blue grass lawn looks great

    It is a monoculture. Any pests or diseases that target a specific plant type has the potential to quickly wipe it out.

    Using blends of blue, rye and fescue reduce that risk. And you will find that many of the blended grasses have fine texture blades so they all appear the same.

    We only use blends

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