KCMO lawn maintenance bus. for sale!

Discussion in 'Network: Central' started by Popper357, Feb 5, 2005.

  1. Popper357

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    Attention anyone who'd like to purchase some mowing clients in the Raytown, Lee's Summit areas. I am looking for buyers to sell my accounts to. I have a full time business with loyal customers. Looking to sell all mowing accounts and separate customers for leaves, snow, applications, gutter cleaning etc. All my maintenance customer will be directed to you throughout my transfer to landscaping. All maintenace work is going to be way more than two people can handle in a week so you can pick and choose and get your price. Must sell! Two large accounts average $180 mow each and make for an easy profitable Friday in Lee's Summit. Full support for introductions, non compete, payment plan and continued assistance. Comes with software and detailed account records. Everything you need to be profiable and loving it! Equipment is extra but available.

    I grossed 50k last year, mowing weekly and working four days a week with helper going at least eight hours a day in the spring and summer, I went very easy in the fall and could have made ten grand more if I focused (instead I was into other things, like dirt bikes, woman and my house projects). Customer are in a very small radious and very profitable. Almost 8K revenue every spring month, asking 8k for them all. Equipment is also for sale, all 2004 Encore hydro walks, 48 and 32 w two bags, plates and sulkys. Mowing trailer with water, trimmer and basket accessories. All Redmax 2 cycles, 8000, strato trimmer, older trimmer, hand blower, bush trimmers, blade grinder and lots of accessories. Call to veiw equipment or talk about the accounts.
    Ryan Odneal, 816-679-3296
    PS. Possible trade for landscape equipment like a loader, camshaft aerator, compactor, dump trailer, flatbed, hoist, lasers etc
  2. Popper357

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    Will trade for Honda dirt bikes and gear too
  3. bmost

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    I am interested in talking with you about what you have to offer. email me with some contact info, Bmost@aol.com
  4. SOMM

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    Am in ppty maintenance, thinking of expanding to KC area.
    Looks interesting, with relatives in KC, will call you friend.
    Thank You.
  5. HazellLawnCare

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    Popper I have a question you say that 2 people can not handle all of the work but then you say you brought in $50,000 last year? That won't leave you with much after you pay help will it?

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