keep receiving telemarketing calls linked to turf mag

Discussion in ' Magazine e-Reports' started by Chop Stuff Up, Feb 28, 2007.

  1. Chop Stuff Up

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    I forget what it was that I did, but it was like one of the subscription cards, and you would check the number to the product/company that you would like more info on. My reason behind doing this was so I could have a layout of company product lines in my hand to view. I did this around August I think. The calls died over the winter but I just received another today. "We see you were interested in some of our products and requested more info on them through Turf Magazine." I originally hung up on them and they still called back. I explained to them that I wasn't really looking to purchase right now, and I just wanted to see the product line, and they still called back. Was this part of the deal when I checked them boxes and sent in that card?
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    Man, I am very sorry you are having to deal with that.

    You might give turf mag a holler, ask them what is the deal?

    What I usually do, if at least I suspect it's not a customer, I answer with 'hello.'
    This usually works great with out of the area code numbers (on the caller ID).
    If I am wrong and it is a customer, it's not that big of a deal.
    Because it's almost always some bs, so then I start getting stupid on them.
    Like they ask if 'such and such (my name)' is there?
    I just start babbling incoherently (the better the act, the more absolutely insane or severely ******** I can sound, the better it works).
    I usually really let it out lol, sometimes I kind of feel bad, wondering if I just blew a fuse on the other end of the line...
    But then, they've blown mine a few times, so...

    Because I don't know what else works with these people.
  3. DaughtryLC

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    That's a good one:laugh:
  4. kathyu

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    I'm going to forward your concerns to my publisher, but if you could let me know which company is calling all the time that would be a great help.

  5. TurfEditor

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    When you ask a company for product info, you become a prospect for that company. I think a single follow-up call is appropriate. If you are repeatedly called by the same company (and they have told you that they made you a prospect from your request for info through TURF magazine), let us know.

    We want our advertisers to have access to qualified customers, but we also want our readers to be comfortable that they are not JUST a pool of potential sales opportunities.

    (When I get an unwanted phone call, I simply hang up. No "no, thank you." No "I'm not interested." No repsonse at all. Nothing. I just hang up and go back to whatever I was doing.)

    David C.
    Exec Editor
  6. Raven386

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    the longer you keep telemarketers on the phone, the more it costs them. if you keep them on the phone for lets say 15 minutes, and then at the end just say im not intrested. in that 15 minutes they couldve made another 15 calls and maybe have gotten a potential buyer. i only do that to people from loan companys & crap like that.
  7. Chop Stuff Up

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    The main one is Burke Equipment located in Bear Delaware. I suppose I could walk in and talk to them but that really shouldn't be necessary. They've called repeatedly in reference to my interest to their products in Turf Mag, and I made everything clear. I just wanted to see a product line in the event that I may ever consider one of the products in the near future.

    One call I can understand. I understand that they run a business, and a call to follow up on the original info request I made does make sense. Thats like me calling last year's clients to follow up and see if they'd like to continue service. If they say no, I'm not going to keep pushing services on them. And yes, they mention Turf Mag each time.
  8. GreenN'Clean

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    I've been receiving Turf mag and other mags for several years and never had any teller marketers call due to getting the mags
  9. TurfEditor

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    Green N Clean -- agree 100% -- more than one call is not OK

    Unlike other magazines, we don't use any telemarketers to obtain or renew subscribers to our magazines (for a lot of boring reasons you probably don't care about).

  10. Chop Stuff Up

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    you mean Clean N Green :laugh:

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