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Keep the job

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Randy, Jun 4, 2001.

  1. Randy

    Randy LawnSite Member
    Messages: 51

    MY crew mows a cematery.I have hard good thangs about the work we do,but the person who mowed it before would like it back.I hard bad reports about he's work thats how we got it.So try and keep it or let it go. Need your help Thanks Randy
  2. Eric ELM

    Eric ELM Husband, Father, Friend, Angel
    Messages: 4,830

    If they awarded you the job, I would keep it if you want it. It is your job, not his.
  3. If you got the job due to his poor performance, then I would say unless he seriously lowballs you, the manaager of the property will probably keep you. If you do good work for the price it will be yours for as long as you want it. But of course you could always loose it because someone wants to save money down the road. So for now I say keep it. I've gotten lawns this way, the last guy did such a poor job that even though I'm higher than he was they want someone who will do a professional, high quality job for them and they don't mind paying more for it.
  4. joshua

    joshua LawnSite Bronze Member
    Messages: 1,226

    keep it, don't let someone try and push you around, because they did the lawn before. if the director of the cemetary says that the old guys price is lower, tell him, does his work look like yours when your finish?, and is he as dependable as you? most likely this guy isn't from what you said, so if the guy wants to go back to someone that can't produce the work of your crew then let him its his loss.
  5. Randy

    Randy LawnSite Member
    Messages: 51

    Thanks for the info.I have family in in there they deserve a well keep place to rest.So I well talk to the maneger.But last week he mowed a pease of ground we already mowed. So the maneger needs to make up his mind .Thanks Randy
  6. KirbysLawn

    KirbysLawn Millenium Member
    Messages: 3,485

    Is there not a written contract?? :confused:

    This other guy just showed up and started mowing, something sounds strange....
  7. Randy

    Randy LawnSite Member
    Messages: 51

    No the maneger is a cusion to my wife so I thought his word is good.But the test of his word is at hand.He needs to make up his mind and sign a contract.

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