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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by jeffex, Nov 26, 2007.

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    The pressure to keep your leaves cleaned up and not look like the bum of the street can drive people to come out and ask for a price. I was working Sun. and never got off the street. As Martha Stewart would say "thats a good thing". ON the down side , I could see one lady 3 houses down talking with another neighbor. They kept looking up at me cleaning the leaves up on 2 of my customers. When another guy, who cuts his own lawn ,came up for a price and they saw the hand shake deal, she walked up. "do you have time to do my leaves today" she asks. Yes ma'am but I gave you a price last year and you didn't go for it then. She has a heavy blanket of leaves where as most of my customers get leaf maintenance [several cleanups and cuts]. I asked her why she did't call who ever did her leaves last year. She said it was her 78 year old husband. I understand Mrs. XXX but as I explained last year when I came to your house for an estimate waiting until there all down is more time consuming for the cleanup and costs more. I felt bad for her because I know the dilemma seniors are in but I think this was just a case of too cheap!!! I guess she'll be asking me again next year. On another neighbor protocol note, one lady asked me if she thought it would be bad if she blew the leaves on HER lawn back over on the lawn I just cleaned. She claimed the the neighbors tree hung over on her property and they were not her leaves. I told her I mow and clean at property lines . I told her I blew the leaves from her driveway back on to my customers property before I started but I didn't think they would pay me to clean up HER yard just because she doesn't have a tree. I pointed out that when the wind blew the leaves up the street would come her way too. I said good luck with that. I pointed out she could always pay ME to clean up the leaves she hates so much!!! no sale.

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    I love when a neighbor comes out & asks for a clean up your allready there so why not do it. Most cases it only takes about 40 minutes of your time & their money goes towards gas & dumping, win win for both of us.
    I don't know if i would work on sunday i gotta have a day off to relax & maybe watch some football.
  3. jeffex

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    well there's not much football to watch here in Baltimore.... 4 pm game any way so I needed to get caught up. Working when people are home lets them see the work you do. It always generaes leeds to more customers for me.
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    yeah I wish people would let us do cleanups more than once. Everyone around here waits until every leaf is off the trees and it make for a long day on some of the places we do. Oh we'll more money.
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    One other reason I went to leaf maintenance is to keep the "all at once" calls from comming. "This is mrs. XXX my leaves are down when are you comming. " iT PREVENTS the just forget about it crowd too. It Prevents money left on the ground. You have to convert customers to leaf maintenance by selling them on the advantage of keeping the leaf blanket from killing their grass while they wait for all the leaves to come down. I explained how it was imposible for me to schedule doing all at once cleanups and at late in the season dates they may get snowed on. 3 $60 cleanups is better than one $200 for their lawn and their pocket. On the final cleanup I can usually up sell a rain gutter clean out or adding some to clean out the beds.That gives me my profit in sections without loosing out to bad weather or wind blowing them away. for me the ability to give a price for a final cleanup is impossible to guess and I don't want to give any one a heart attack with an hourly price.The ones I do give a final only price for get a range of price, say $150 to $200 but they are usually no-regular customers

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