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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by mh1314, Jul 3, 2003.

  1. mh1314

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    Thought I'd try and get a thread going on different tricks everyone has learned about ZTR maintenance and useage.

    What time and money saver ideas do you have to share......


    95 degrees plus and 95 % humidity in South Texas, ain't it great

  2. Keep it greased and clean, it will last longer.

    Also once a year I take the engine shroud off and clean the cooling fins of any debris. Also once a year I disconnect all electrical connections and reapply dielectric grease to them.
  3. jaredslawncare

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    On my Lazer i always lift the panel to expose the deck spindles and blow all the grass that has build-up in there. Keep the underside of the deck clean too, it helps your cut. Dont be afraid to change your oil more often than the manual says.
  4. Rob T

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    Also, keep belts adjusted, grease daily, oil any exposed bushings daily, adjust brake bands as needed, proper tire inflation, clean air filter, and most importantly keep engine oil clean.

    I noticed the first things to go are the bushings on the belt tensioner, that could be from not greasing them enough (oops).

    Engine will probably not outlast the mower, so it is very important to keep engine oil clean.
  5. marvinlee

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    I do this on a Kubota ZD-21: 1. Installed a filter minder to tell me when to change the air filter element. Because dirty air filters filter better than new (up to a point), changing on the basis of restriction rather than hours saves money, promotes cleaner air, and reduces the chances that a bit of contamination enters the air intake system when the filter element is removes. 2. I use Chevron Ulti-Plex Synthetic Grease on the spindle bearings and universal joints. 3. Mobil Delvac 1 synthetic diesel engine oil goes into the engine. 4. I use a ACDelco UPF-1127 all-synthetic media oil filter on the engine. I have a case of these, which is a good thing because that quality of oil filter is out of production. When these run out, I will use Mobil oil fiters if something better has not come along. 5. I comply with Kubota's warmup instructions before I start mowing. 6. I use a torque wrench to tighten the blade attachment bolts. 7. Blow off the machine afer each use.
  6. rodfather

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    Great idea. Had never thought of that considering all the mowers get power washed each weekend...thanks da man!
  7. Mark P

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    :) LGF your are da-man, Ive been doing this on my Bassboats for over 20yrs now, also your dead on about removeing the shroud and keep them cooling fins clean.....Marks Mowing Service
  8. Richard Martin

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    On Kohler twins with an oil cooler even if you don't want to remove all of the shrouds at least remove the oil cooler. It may look clean from the front but it can get a nasty buildup on the back of the cooler.
  9. J-mike

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    We just blow it off at the end of each job, right there on the street.

    We only wash it when it starts looking bad, cause water is not supposed to be good on it.

    Do all the other maint. that it needs when it's time.

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