Keeping Cool in the Hot Weather

hey guys, I was just wandering what everyone does to keep cool during the hot summer months..does anyone get sunburn, I see a lot of the mexican guys wearing these big sombrero hats, looks like it keeps the sun off their heads..I don't mind getting out in the sun doing the work, just wandering how you guys deal with it year in and year out..

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If you are looking long term always put a hat on. Your nose is the most sensitive part on your body, and you can get cancer from the sun.


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Last time I went to the doctor I asked if the spots on the top of my ears was skin cancer. His reply was "no, but if you don't start wearing a brimed hat, it will be".

I also know a guy that moved his Bobcat business up here from Hawaii. He loves Hawaii but it's just impossible, obviously, to get away from the sun. He's had several patches of skin removed.

We use the sport type, sweat resistant sun block. The spray is handy and easy to apply.


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My secret to the hot weather.
Sunscreen, Fluids (lots) and a little spray bottle filled with 90% water and 10% rubbing alcohol. Increase the alcohol content in a more humid environment.
The alcohol evaporates 30 or so times faster than the water so it draws off alot of heat quick. The water is to make it last longer.
Remember to close your eyes when spraying.

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I am very light skinned and my face (not arms and legs) gets sunburned easily. I used to use sunblock, waterproof sunblock and they helped but always the sunblock left a greasy coating that attracted dirt. It seems I was alway filthy and hot. I started wearing a large brimmed hat and that was what blocked the sun better than anything. This along with my camel bak helped tremendously. I originally bought the hat at Bass Pro shop for my trip to Cozumel but have used it more than I ever imagined. I still use sunblock but only on my arms and legs. I do not want skin cancer or skin that looks like beef jerky when I am older. I remember growing up working for a farmer and he always wore long sleeve light cotton shirts in the middle of summer, he never got sunburned or got hot, so I tried this trick too. And it does work. We aren't bullet proof, even though some of us think we are, make sure you wear a hat, use sunblock and wear that HEARING protection. I haven't worn hearing protection until recently and after 16 years have lost some of my hearing. Protect yourself now cause one cannot regain their hearing or take back skin cancer.

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Drink TONS of water. On hot summer days I normally drink about 1 gallon. One day I don't know what the problem was but I drank and even two gallons. They say that if you feel real thirsty then you are already dehydrated.

I agree that the nose is the most sensitive area of the body (at least as far as sunburning goes!!!) I have to always keep lost of sunscreen on it, or else it peels, burns, peels, burns...etc.

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Gempers has nylon baseball cap with neck flap.It also protects ears.They dry super fast!I use them all the time.Don't forget eye protection.When looking down,you're bound to get some kind of branch in the face.Ear protection ALWAYS.

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