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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by turf dog, Aug 2, 2007.

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    looks like a shammie??? how does it keep you cool??
  3. turf dog

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    The way the material is made, it evoporates so quickly it has a cooling effect. It also works great to wipe off sweat too.
  4. I really dont know about this item...........I can tell you that a cool vest is the way to go........I used to use them while fire fighting under my turn out gear in plus 90degree weather. I was amazing how it keeps your core cool (chest). I really need to buy one of my own.

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    May sound too obvious...but I run the AC in the truck between jobs on really hot days. Some guys don't like to do it but you simply can't argue with the fact that cooling your body down is good for your body. When someone has heat stroke, do they tell you to move them into a sunny, hot area? :laugh:

    I used to bring a towel for wiping sweat off, but one day I forgot and only had this roll of heavy duty blue paper towels I bought at an auto parts store. Those things wipe the sweat off way better than any towel.
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    i use them fishing and they work great!i dont just say this because i know the owner and hes a good friend.most all things from them are great.if its not they will do anything to make it right.
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    Yeah, a cool vest is awesome. I had to use them in my old biz doing hazmat cleanups when it was outside in the summer. Without them, you'd's just unbearable.

    I keep a small square cooler in the truck with half ice/half water and dip a towel in it and throw it around my neck at each job on the hottest day. By the time I'm done, it's just starting to lose its effect most of the time and then it's off to the next job. Low cost/easy, and effective.
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    Get a camelback

    or here is another useful link to help better explain the towel from above

    stay cool :walking:

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