keeping creek bed weed free?

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by sjj14, Sep 1, 2004.

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    I have a customer with a man made creek running thru his prop. It does act as a storm runoff so alot of h20 passes thru it and on to others properties. I have been treating with round-up every 3 weeks or so. My question is there anything that will give me longer lasting control. Keeping in mind that any granular will be carried away by thunderstorms!
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    Read the label Read the label.

    Roundup states on the label not to be used in drainage areas. The surfactants in Roundup kill fish. If you get caught using Roundup in a creek or its drainage area you can get a big fine from the EPA.

    Reward is labeled for Aquatic use and So is Aquamaster. Yes they cost more and only do as good a job as Roundup but at least they are legal to use ina Aquatic site.

    By not reading and following the label you are feeding the Tree Huggers that want to ban all pesticides. Be smart and do things right.
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    there is no body of water nearby, it was merely a wet swale in the lawnn that the home had rocked for asthetics.
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    listen Jackass this anit south florida, it would be no different than spraying in his yard 10 feet away right? obviously i have your opinion know beat it dude!
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    I must agree with ric, the label is the law, remember just because you dont see a body of water nearby, where do you think the water is going?
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    sjj14 - Ric is correct, the EPA will hang you high for applying unlabeled pesticides to a creek bed, water or no water, man made or not. As you stated, the creek carries water to surrounding properties. Those property owners have riparian rights and you'll need written permission to treat that creek. That said, Rodeo is also another glyphosate based product that is labeled for aquatic management.
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    Please use the full rank That is Adrimal Stationwagon and Captin Back Pack.
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    It's great to have guys like ric on this site to help people. Stone must have already migrated south for the winter.

    I am sure that he has already read the label he is asking for options not asskickings. He said it acts as a storm runoff he never said it ended at a river or creek.
    I have the same type of problem here only we need to control weeds not the grass. There are lots of properties here that have grass runways leading to wide open grass areas just to slow the flow of storm water they do not go to any source of water or fish habitat. Beside my house is a one mile long grass runway that ends in a 3 acre grass area. Right now the guy treating it just sprays it whenever no matter what the weather forecast is. I have suggested that he only spray the area when we have no rain in the forecast. If I just told him to read the label and offers no other opition he would be the one calling me an idiot and telling me to mind my own business.
    PS, I kanit reed wotethe a sheeitete, tham labools are confuzzing fur me ta reed.

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