Keeping deer out of commercial flowerbeds

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by BrendonTW, Apr 9, 2017.

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    We have some high end customers in some wooded areas and the deer will literally pull our annuals out of the ground the night we plant them, roots and all. Customers have watched it happen. They get frustrated and it's a waste of their $6000 that they spent that day. I want the customer to spend the money and the customer would prefer to have the seasonal color, so I'm trying to figure out a way to keep the deer out. Looking for a method which won't greatly affect our plantings (not looking for advice leaning towards changing all plants to deer-resistant), and it needs to be something that's feasible for a high-end customer (for example, installing netting over all of the plants would detract from the landscape.)

    Have any of you found an effective method with any repellents, noise-makers, or any other creative methods at keeping deer away?
  2. Eric502

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    I have had good success with a product called Liquid Fence ( They make it in a concentrate and granular form (i like both for different applications) and is non toxic. I have not used it on any client properties, but I have used it on my own for several years in my personal garden and corn crop (small 60' plot) to keep deer, coons and rabbits at bay. If you follow the directions as it is stated it works quite well. Or at least it has for me.
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    The liquid fence smells so bad if people get within 50 feet it may cause them to gag. We have tried that and sometimes within a few days the deer and rabbits are right back on the plants. Rain seems to wash it off fairly quickly.
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    yea it stinks at first, but does dissipate. All I know is it keeps them out of corn and vegetables all season long here in KY.
  5. Bunton Guy

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    Site one sells deer off....I have it in liquid form but haven't tried it yet.
  6. Mark Oomkes

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    Lead poisoning???

    Deer Scram works....kind of.

    Part of the issue is changing their habits. But that is not foolproof. You really need to sell them on an ongoing program, because there is no once and done.
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    I also recommend liquid fence. It stinks until it dries. Bobbex also works quite well. I alternate between the two every 2 months to keep the critters from getting used to them.
  8. KUMA01

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    Lye soap in like netting shave it IFC so it shaving deed won't get near in it I have used this before on gardens and on accounts
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    Put the sprinkler system on a link to motion sensor like a garage flood light.
    Deer get close, get shot by sprinklers, they're skittish critters, they leave and find something else to eat.

    Also, have you tried DEER OFF?

    Have you looked into installing a perimeter deer fence?
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    oh i fotgot!

    Coyote urine!

    Comes in these little pouches, you hang them from trees and fence posts around the property, deer think a predator has claimed the territory and they move on because they dont feel safe.
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