Keeping Equipment in (enclosed) trailer

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by recycledsole, Oct 7, 2012.

  1. recycledsole

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    Hey guys,
    just wondering if any of you keep your equipment in an enclosed trailer?
    im thinking about a trailer, and a new mower. i dont have any room for a 36" mower in my property, but i could store it in my trailer if it was enclosed.
    please let me know
  2. WPLE

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    Yes. Good idea..
  3. nobagger

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    Thats all we've ran for years now. We have a 24ft V nose, so basically a 27ft and a smaller 18ft. I like it for a number of reasons, it keeps your equipment out of the weather, it keeps it all secure plus it's a rolling billboard. If your just staring to look, some advice I can give you is plan for expansion. Our 24ft holds 2 riders, one with a bagger system and a walk behind down the center and 2- 21" in the front off to one side. Plus it holds 2-triple trimmer racks, 2 back pack blower racks, a full rack system for hand tools, 2 sets of hedge trimmers, 1 back pack sprayer system and there's still room for a couple 55 gallon barrels and a bunch of other stuff. We started out with a 16ft but quickly ran out of room with a rider and walk behind in it plus the usual handheld stuff. IMO "car hauler" (8.5ft wide) are by far better because they are wider and just more interior room.
  4. orangemower

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    He doesn't have room for a little 36in mower, where's he going to put a 24ft car hauler? Heck, if I read his post right, he's moving UP to a 36in mower. A 5x10 enclosed would leave him with enough room so a 6x12 would be perfect. That's if he's pulling it with a truck and not a Toyota Corolla.
  5. DA Quality Lawn & YS

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    If he wants an enclosed, since he has no equipment now to speak of, a 6x12 would be a perfect size. Single axle, get around all the DOT BS.
  6. Jimslawncareservice

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    Not all of it. I'm from a smaller town than roch, and guys get pulled over all the time from dot. Single axle 6x12 open trailers. 1/2 and 3/4 ton trucks pulling them. About the only thing you get around is the electric brakes. One guy got a warning because he had 8 gallons of gas instead 5?. But I believe thier rule book says up to 10 gallons.
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