Keeping grass growing on slope

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    Good Morning,

    I have a lawn bus, in Huntsville, Alabama. I have 1 yard that I cannot seem to get the grass to germinate as it is on a very slight incline and also this area serves as the main waterway for rain drain=off. Any and all help appreciated.

    #2 I have a retired military customer, he hs a 3/4 fescue yard and 1/4 Bermuda.. The bermuda is taking over fast. How can I kill the bermuda so I can re-seed with fescue.

    Johnny Montgomery

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    Bermuda wins in full sun.
    you could try fusilade with a tank mix of r-up.
    Mix the fusilade at .75oz per gal with r-up.
    you will need to wait 3 weeks to reseed.
    I would wait till july/aug for this app.
    i am not sure about the other ? but how about some sort of ground cover like junipers or monkey grass?
  3. IBGreen

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    Would hydroseeding do the trick?
  4. Randy Scott

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    #1 Seed the area, use erosion control blanket on the slope, and temporarily re-route the runoff with hay bails until the lawn can become well established.

    #2 I know nothing about warm season grasses, sorry!
  5. DaddyRabbit

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    What Randy said will fix you right up.

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