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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by WJW Lawn, May 9, 2007.

  1. WJW Lawn

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    Okay, here's the deal. Right now I haul around a 12' HEAVY A** trailer. Basically I carry my Quick 36...a Honda blower...trimmers...edger. My niche is really lawns up to a 1/4 acre...I have very few that are larger. Hauling around this trailer is killing me at the pump, and I would swear I get 10 miles or less to the gallon. Now, my prices are set up to withstand pump prices, but filling up less and saving a little is never a bad thing.

    Here's the point.... Currently I have a shell on the bed of my truck...and Ive considered taking it off...mounting the racks in the bed...rolling the Quick into the back along with the 21". I guess my big concern is image. Does this look unprofessional?? Lowballerish?? The bottom line is...the bed of the truck would hold all I need to fit my niche...while cutting down gas consumption from not having to pull the trailer. Any thoughts? Opinions??
  2. zz4guy

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    I dont think it'd be unprofessional if your truck looks nice.

    However I think it's more hassle than its worth. Your going from 12' to an 8' bed. That Q36 will take up almost all of the bed. Remeber your wheel wells take up room. Plus you'll have to screw with ramps every time you stop. What a pain! AND your ramps will have to be long enough so that it's not too steep and big enough to hold the weight. The Q36 is like 300lbs. Where will you store your ramps?

    Do you have a dual axle trailer or something? My trailer is a single axle and only weighs about 1200lbs. It's enclosed too!
  3. WJW Lawn

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    Well..look at this gate this guy has on his truck. I pulled this from the Better site...where the heck do you get one of these?

  4. CFB

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    Why not get a little 4X6 trailer? You could find a cheap one no doubt...maybe a used one for 2-3 hundred.
  5. zz4guy

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    Wow that is a cool ramp. Guess I was wrong about that. But I dont see room for much besides the Q36.
  6. WJW Lawn

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    Actually this is a pretty killer setup. This may be a dumb question.... but are these things custom made from Ford...or just fitted to your truck by others?

  7. huh

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    the ford ranger is owned by a guy in Round Rock, Texas (I believe) that is a member of this site and I think he was a distributer for those fold down gates

    the ford f150 is probably done by prime trailers in McKinney, Texas and is exactly like the setup used by except justmowing uses small trucks not full sized

  8. TAZ

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  9. WJW Lawn

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    TAZ...PERFECT! Thanks bro!
  10. bullethead

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    Trailer is just another name for headache. If you can avoid them, do it. Bearings to lube, lights to keep functional, tags to keep current, bigger parking spots to pull in, more tires that can go flat, reduced fuel consumption, insurance, etc. I see way too many guys use them that don't really need them.

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