Keeping mower deck clean - any tips?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by mculik5, Aug 7, 2017.

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    I have a 2008 52" Toro Z400. Not sure which model deck, but it's fabricated, and made from 7 gauge steel. I'm using Gator blades.

    The whole package works perfectly when the grass is dry. However, it has been my experience that the deck packs full of grass when you mow wet (rain, dew, or really leafy-green grass). As I understand it, this is an issue with Toro decks.

    Wondering if you pros, who often have to mow when it's wet, have any tricks for either keeping the deck clean, or quickly cleaning it.

    I jack the deck up, lay on the ground, and scrape it. It's time consuming and messy. I applied Fluid Film the last time I scraped it completely clean. Seemed to make the next cleaning easier, but didn't keep the grass from sticking.

    I would love to pressure wash the deck, but I can't jack it up high enough to get the pressure washer under there.

    Any of you guys ever use something like this? -

    Any tips are appreciated. Thanks!
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    Stop using gator blades when there is any moisture in/on the grass. That will help some, and sometimes slowing the engine speed by around 1/4 throttle will help it not pack so fast too. Nothing that can be applied to the underside of a deck will stay under there for very long and are a waste of time and money.
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    Toro and Exmark are about the worst for grass accumulation under the deck. JD and Scag are the best for preventing it.

    When I had an Exmark 15 yrs ago I could barely make it 30 mins in wet early morning dew before it was packed to the blades.

    I thought I was in heaven when I got rid of it for the first yr of the velocity deck. Only scraping out a couple times a day.
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    Hi lifts and always discharging to the outside keeps my deck pretty clean when it's wet. Toro and Exmark prettt much have micro discharge openings and tight baffling so they are pretty limited what they can do in wet grass. That's not the news you wanted I'm sure but it is what it is..
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    used to be a company nearby that would apply an industrial Teflon Undercoat to mower decks similar to the American Racing ATX wheels. Deck had to be partially dismantled and it cost Big Bux but it worked and lasted about 6 years. Nothing would stick Ever.

    Cant find them anymore. Either lost their Licensing or gone under.
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    But a walker or a grasshopper and flip up the deck.

    Have you tried mow eze
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    Try mowing without blades on. Guys did it at golf course all the time and still had jobs.

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