Keeping mower deck clean - any tips?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by mculik5, Aug 7, 2017.

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    Had a helper that did this, or close enough to it. The blade belt broke and I watched him for 5 minutes run the mower, inspect the grass behind him and then ... run the mower again. He never inspected the mower or came to me and said he had a problem. He just kept mowing, inspecting, and mowing some more.

    It was a good bit of comedy but the understanding that it wasn't a performance limited my ability to enjoy it.
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    You can remove the front baffle that bolts to the deck. That will open it up I have run the toro's for 10 years and remove them as soon as I get them home. They will mow when it's wet
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    What's that do for blow out on messy yards? seems like it would be kicking aphid drop leaf debris out of the way of the deck making a single pass clean cut impossible?
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    I run the turbo force decks and take it out and never had any problems with them
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    I'm not having much problems at all right now because the grass is dry but in the super wet spring during my route on mowing days I'll take a lunch break & and either before or after lunch I'll pull up in a car wash and use the ramp to elevate the front end and wash the crud off the deck. The deck then dries quick.

    Someone said lose the gator blades in the wet season, I agree. I just run a standard lift Scag blade.
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    I use a pressure washer on it.

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