Keeping my fingers crossed.

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by KathysLGC, Mar 10, 2002.

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    I bought an 8hp giant vac blower for $275 mint condition from a guy and he also has two back pac blowers (stihl/echo)for $150 and a Ferris dual hydro 48" $1600. I didnt have the $ on me to buy everything from him on thursday but I did friday. I called him to tell him I wanted everything for the $1750. The deal was set untill his (just purchased) John Dere rider broke down. Now he wants to wait on the sale of the Ferris until he knows what the dealer wants. It might be a cylinder or head gasket. He will know tomorrow(monday) What the dealer says. He is bumd out because he just bought the rider last week because his wrists are starting to hurt and now a few days later its having engine problems. I am keeping my fingers crossed that his rider can be fixed for little $ and he chears up. I really want this mower. I am even thinking of offering him an extra $100 as simpathy for getting burned. He spent $275 at the end of the season for a tuneup on the ferris and it has new gator blades. Should I say a prayer?lol Has any one else felt like this about wanting a new(used) mower? Wow that was my longest post yet!:) :confused:
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    good luck dude but atleast it seems u got a good deal on everything else.

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    Yeah, that stuff always seems to happen to me too. Usually everything works out in the end though. If the Ferris goes, I'm sure an even better mower will pop up also for a good price. Good luck.

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