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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by lawnprosteveo, Aug 17, 2006.

  1. lawnprosteveo

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    Hey solo guys and other "small" LCO' do you keep track of customer billing, balances, and other info.

    I have been using gopher but then had some trouble with it. I am considering going to a "pay as you go or I wont mow" type of system.

    Just tired of sending bills and waiting on payments from my deadbeat customers.
  2. stuffdeer

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    I must be lucky. I have 12 customers. 5 are cash accounts, and 7 I invoice. I usually have the invoices within 5 days after sending them.

    I use Peachtree Accounting. It really gives me room to grow my business.
  3. joleham

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    Check out this web site. They offer an invoice program built on Excel and Access. It helps to at least know a little about excel and with a little time (10 hrs or so) I was able to utilize the the database for auto generated route sheets. They have a 14 day trial version. The basic version is $29. This is the one I bought for now because I wanted more time for testing but I plan to upgrade to the Pro version soon.
  4. ALarsh

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    What kind of problems with gopher? I've been real happy with gopher.
  5. Dunn's

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    have you thought about Groundskeeper Pro from ADKAD
  6. Roger

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    How are you tracking expenses? You have only mentioned billing matters.

    I'm unsure about industry-specific programs (e.g. Gopher), but QuickBooks enables you to manage all aspects of your business, except scheduling, routing. QB will provide you with a picture of your finances at all times.

    As a small operator myself (40-42 cuttings per week, plus some other work such as trimming), I keep track of schedules on my Palm. The TASK function works very well to know exactly what is scheduled each day. Any work can be scheduled for any time, and it will flow into the schedule as the event arrives. The "repeat" function will move a task ahead one week, two weeks, whatever time period, with a simple tap of the stylus. The Palm does not do any of my financial recordkeeping.
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    how many customers do you have?
  9. Frontier-Lawn

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  10. topsites

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    I keep track of mine all on paper because I do it right when I'm there and I don't have to worry about entering information in to the pc hours later, especially when I can't remember lol.

    So I use Columnar Analysis pad, which is like a spreadsheet but on paper. On the left hand side goes the name, on top goes days of week (Mon-Sat) then in the cross sections I put some marks that tell me what needs to be done, I 'X' it out when it is done and then when it is paid, I put a neat circle around it all.

    So for grass-cutting I use the checkmark, for hedgetrimming the abbreviation [HT] does the trick, mulch is MU and there are a few others, in the end I can see all of them at a glance, per day or per individual, it works great for me.

    When the week is over, I start another one and put the old one away in a file, it's a neat way to keep track of the years as well and never a disk crash to corrupt the files lol.

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