Keeping Track of Small Engine Hours

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by krapflier, Sep 17, 2007.

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    May be a stupid question but how does one keep an accurate count of engine hour on edgers, trimmers and the like. Just bought a new trimmer and thought I'd actually read the owners manual for once. To my surprise Kawasaki wants your to do this thank called "Periodic Maintenance" at hourly intervals. Thought of keeping a running log an just estimating the hour of use but that seamed a little to time consuming. Perhaps a hour per tank estimate, determine how many hours one tank of gas will last then simply keep track of the number of tanks used to determine engine hours? :confused:
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    i go by the rule if something start and doesn't run well. i fix it. you could estimate how many hours you put on a week on them. which is very easy to do. the tank of gas is a good way to do it
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    As a general rule, most stihl's last one hour at wot per tank (but not all of them), possibly other brands do it, I know echo is about there with some stuff.

    But I fill the tank as needed...
    I just have this maintenance thing I do, every year new spark plug, and so on...
    Or you can just replace things as it craps out.

    Because in the end I think it might or might not last longer.

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