keeping trees watered in bid?

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by Surferbum21, Mar 3, 2013.

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    First time in 15 years I have ever been asked to do this. Customer of mine is the president for an HOA that has finally been turned over by builder. They have irrigation to the flowerbeds but have 10 trees that will need gator bags and they want me to add that into the bid. I have never been asked or done this so my question is what the hell do you charge? I'm buying a 250 gallon tank that i can throw in bed of truck and dump water into the bags but how long would it take to fill up tank and then fill up trees? I was thinking $100-120 b/c could take damn near 3 hours to get all trees. It takes me damn near an hour to fill up our 200 gallon spray tank
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    You can fill your water tank from a fire hydrant just call your water district for proper hook up.:waving:
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    So why aren't they thinking about tapping into the flower bed irrigation and run temp line to the trees? Those trees won't need more than 10 gallons a week at most. We would charge $50 a visit and they provide water.
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    I agree with what edhess said run a temp line.

    but if you are filling up a tank why not water straight from the tank instead of taking the time to fill up bags.

    I would charge 50-75 a visit

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