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^ this. If you're getting lots of "yes's" then you're prices are too cheap. My rule of thumb starting out was 60% yes / 40% no. Now my focus is 20% yes / 80% no. Roughly $7.50 per mowing minute or $500/hr. I hate trimming bushes and putting down mulch anymore because I make significantly more sitting on a mower.

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Pretty self explanatory. Now he has his prices high enough that only 20% accept it and 80% don't.

^ This.

Rule of thumb is you don't want 70-80% calls to say 'yes'. That means you're pricing below market.... which likely means you're the low baller everyone on here complains about. Lol.

EDIT: If I don't hear some callers grumble "Forget you! That's way too high!", then I know my pricing is probably too low.
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Is this rate per man or per crew?

Per truck.

When I work solo I shoot for $4.50 to $5 per man minute. 12 minute weekly property solo pays $55-$60/mow. With a helper it's reduced down to 8 minutes... but we sometimes have up to 9 yards in a row per stop.

If I am fortunate enough to have 2 well trained helpers + me on a truck, we can knock out 9 or 10 yards on a cul-da-sac in about 45 minutes flat.

We just sent out price increasing again last week that goes in effect next week. So far 1 out of 275 accounts dropped us.


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Your time estimation could be off

maybe they’re using 48” walk behind and you’ve got a 60” hyperdrive with optional flux capacitor

maybe they bag and you don’t?

many possible variables

With a flux capacitor you can mow 30 mph almost as fast as me and a push mower

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