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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by mike, Dec 13, 2000.

  1. mike

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    I have been in this business for approximately 4 years & have been using alot of part time workers & a few full time workers. I have found that my biggest problem is finding & keeping good employee's. I want to have more full time workers next year. I'm worried about taking on alot of new accounts if I still have problems. Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated
  2. tpirobert

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    First I would maximize equipment productivity and look at $$ from growth and what it COST. I made 20k gross more 2 years ago, but pay myself more now. I'm not saying growth is bad...but for me I was not grossing enough from more work to NET more in my pocket. That's my fault for not costing jobs out better.

    Finding employess: I let friends, family and other landscape associates know I need help. Also get referalls from local state unemployment office(not too good lately). Once got a "good" worker by having help wanted sign on truck. Don't waste time hiring someone you think you can mold into a good worker. I came up with a "pre-employment application" qualification list: 1. Must be 18 or over 2. Valid license 3. Capability to perform physical work all day 4. Ability to get to shop at start of day on-time and complete scheduled day. 5. Provide your own lunch 6. Adequate and appropriate footwear/clothing for working outside in varying weather and terrain and of neat appearance. Company T-shirt provided and expected to be worn. Company sweatshirt and/or jacket may also be provided. 7. Telephone number where you can be reached.

    If they can't meet 1-7 they need not fill out the more detailed application and waste eveyones time.

    Keeping employees: Pay them well. Thank them everyday. Provide whatever "bennies" you can. Find winter work and accounts that pay year-round. New employees take a lot of time to train and get up to speed, so hire very carefully. We spend hours looking at different mowers etc., but often hire with no knowledge of person at all. Did I just hire a murray or will he be the latest Z?

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  3. Evan528

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    I was talkin to one of truegreen/pennic and arimours sales managers yesterday. He said they are using the H2B program and it is workingout great. All of there laboers exept teh forman are fromm h2B. They pay them 8.50 per hour and they work like there is no tomorrow. Does anybody no what H2b's fees are for there service? Sounds like a perfect solution to shortage of good help.
  4. Runner

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    Evan, what are H2B's?
  5. Evan528

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    H2b is a program where the company files all the paperwork and goes through all the processes to leagally bring mexicans over on a temporary visa for work. They ussually stay 9 months a year and go back for the winter. They muct be employed by you and only you for the entire time there supposed to be here or they will automatically be send back. I have heard nohting but good results from companys using H2b. I hear mexicans catch on very fast can out work most americans 10 times.
  6. Vandora Lawn & Landscape

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    H2B's are temporary work visas. That's how landscapers get all the "mexicans". Do a search, as I think this topic has been covered thoroughly.
  7. mike

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    Thanks for everyones response. I will keep all of this in mind. Have a gooooooood day & a Merry Christmas.
  8. beck

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    I got some information from Foley Enterprises 1 888 623 7285
    Call them.

    They say it will take 90-120 days to process all the paperwork.

    The fees for
    3-10 visas $750 each

    The downfall is you must recruit the workers.
  9. lakegastonla

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    Yeah, everyone is SOOOOOOOOO upbeat about the mexican worker situation. Let me tell you about my experience...
    The warehouse facility where I keep my shop&equipment at was being painted by a Mexican crew. The few short days they were there, I had a shindaiwa trimmer and a stihl chainsaw stolen. Both were less than 6 months old. Others had stuff missing, also. They are out of the area now and gone elsewhere to paint and steal others blind.
    I came in one morning, and my lock was "missing" and a few other items, too. My point is this: I have nothing against them in a racial sense, but you must understand the extreme poverty these people live in back home. I wont say that they will all steal you blind, but I sure found some that would!!
    H2B's??? Sure give them the keys to the candy store!
    Just don't be surprised when you "can't remember where I put that thing..."

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