Keeping your employees happy


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What types of things do you offer your employees to keep them happy and around throughout the season?

Next year will be the year that I take the plunge and take on employees from outside of my family. There are several things that i'm considering offering to keep them around for the season.

1. Monthly raises - nothing to drastic, something around $0.25 per hr. / per month (their only going to be around about 6 months)
2. Seasonal bonus - somewhere between $200 to $500
3. Friday lunches paid by the Company
4. Company supplied MP3 players
5. Company supplied sodas at the end of the work day.

What does everone else do for their employees?


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I like the idea of "Friday lunches" I may have to try that. I got lucky in this area, I only hire guys from my fire department. I pay every two weeks and I pay the opposite week we get paid at the fire department, so I don't really have any problems. Have you considered hiring off-duty firefighters? Most of us have two days in a row off or every other day off, depending on the shift style that department uses. We are used to being in the public eye and most of us have no problem with hard work, and we can all use the money. payup payup


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Hi Wells, I'm the crew leader for Wriken and I get the extra bonus of taking care of his daughter.............I MARRIED HER!!!!!!!!! :D I get plenty of extras that's for sure.

you do have a very good plan for hiring new employees......... That all adds up in making the person wanting to come back the next spring. JMO

Sean Adams

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Something I used to do was take all my guys to the batting cages/driving range/par 3 (all in one place) unexpectedly - just cut out right in the middle of the day, feed them lunch and all the tokens they could want... was always a good time and always brought the "team" closer together


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>>1. Monthly raises...
>>2. Seasonal bonus...

If people are rewarded just for 'showing up', there is not much incentive to do better work. Having said that, if you are having trouble getting employees to simply show up, your monetary reward system may suffice.

I'd suggest a more performance related incentive. If you have an employee that is outstanding, reward him/her in a manner where both the employee and the other workers can:
a. Recognize the behavior that you value
b. Recognize that maintaining or imitating that behavior may be advantageous to them

>>3. Friday lunches paid by the Company
Good idea, but I would not do it on a weekly basis. I'd do it occasionally to reward the team for a job well done.

>>4. Company supplied MP3 players
Bad idea. Employee cranks it for 6 month then sues you for hearing loss. Or for being distracted by the company supplied mp3 player when he hurt himself.

>>5. Company supplied sodas at the end of the work day.
Fine idea, assuming you can satisfy the range of tastes. (Having supplied 50+ employees with free beverages on a daily basis in the past, it can be a challenge, and expensive over time.)


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Lisbon Falls ME.
I like sum of your Ideas. I do the drink snack thing quite a bit, but it is always unexpected. I wouldn't do the mp3s, but would buy radio muffs instead for them to use. The friday lunches I would do also. again I do this but it is usally unexpected. I find that the guys like the suprise.


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Central Indiana
I only have one employee. I gave him a raise this year for tremendous efforts and buy his lunch on a daily basis. The lunches are cheaper than pay raises given the fact that you choose an inexpensive restaurant and do not have to pay matching taxes on it.