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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by lawn_jockey, Aug 26, 2005.

  1. lawn_jockey

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    Short Story. New guy telling me the HOA fired his Biz because they didn't like his workers. Right about the time I was telling him about Lawnsite... around the corner came his 9 and 10 year old boys pushing honda residential 21's. I gave him the evil eye, did an about face and walked away shakin my head in disbelief.
    This is Texas 103 degree heat at about 3pm.
  2. JimLewis

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    I was reading and re-reading your post trying to figure out what the big deal is. I didn't understand what your problem with this guy was. But then I finally figured it out. And you're right! I can't believe it! That's just stupid.

    Two kids born within a year of one another? That's just asking for trouble. The sleepless nights alone in those early years would do most people in. Obviously this guy shows questionable judgement. I wouldn't want him working for me either. Everyone knows if you wanna keep your sanity you should space kids out by at least 2-3 years.

  3. lawn_jockey

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    When you see a sign that says father and Sons mowing, you would think the sons were adults too. The Dad was like 30. He said this was his third year.
  4. MBDiagMan

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    I'm sorry, but I still don't get it. When I was 9 I was mowing lawns with a push, rotary mower in the DFW area heat, and did quite a few yards some of them being blocks away and yes I did plenty of them at 3PM. It didn't do me any harm.

    I do think that the guy should have been truthful in the reason he was firing the LCO instead of saying that it was because he didn't like the workers.

    Have a great day,
  5. geogunn

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    you question that guys judgment yet you tell your competion about LAWNSITE? interesting.

    GEO :dizzy:
  6. z_clark

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    That is terrible. I agree w/ the HOA for getting rid of this guy. You can't have young kids out pushing mowers in this heat! I was out with my two man crew yesterday, the three of us went thought the 5 gallon watter jug, plus a few Gatorade.

    They are calling for another 100 + day again....just a week till September though!
  7. GrassBustersLawn

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    HELLO...I know Texas WAS the WILD WILD WEST...but PLEASE! Don't you have CHILD LABOR LAWS THERE????? In Indiana, you can't have anyone under 16 running POWER EQUIPMENT. Man, you'd get put in jail here for that crap! I could see possibly trying to get away with on residentials, but it is pretty ballsy of him to try using them on a HOA or commercial sites. I guess HOA was just interested in LOW DOLLAR BID when they hired him. Doesn't sound like they bothered checking INSURANCE, because NO ONE would write insurance on someone using kids!

  8. Sharp Services

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    Like I have said many times before. I have six kids, four of which are boys. There is no way I would use them on a paid job, just to save money. I have five acres at the house if they want to run a mower. But please, don't take the kids to work with you, they have plenty of time for that. Also ... I am a cop and could arrest some one for using kids under 16, especially using heavy equipment.

    Just my 2 cents worth,
  9. GreenUtah

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    ding ding ding....we have a power equipment for children..period...real nice when you send em back to school missing a finger or an eye...they DO go to school, right?!
  10. wbw

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    These laws typically do not apply to farmers or family businesses.

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