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    Well guys, its been a long winter, been pretty busy with work and been pretty busy tearing stuff up too lol. Anyways, we had a few good snow storms and I used the four wheeler for the first few, until I did a bunch of front end damage plowing 4ft snow drifts. Blew out the fourwheel drive and broke/bent a bunch of other things. So I ended up with a plow truck, its a 1999 F-150 XL, its got some dings and dents and isnt the best running rig on the road. Burns some oil and such but it will be perfect for a work truck. And believe it or not, I traded my four wheeler straight across for this truck. The four wheeler wasn't fixed when I traded it, so I think I got a good deal. Even if the truck isn't perfect. Its what I have wanted all along, 4x4, vinyl interior, steel rims, 8ft bed, reg cab. It has 183,000 miles, had 17x,xxx when I got it. It had a Western Unimount setup and wiring on it when I got it, but no blade. So I picked up a non-working western unimount plow for 175 bucks, cleaned the valves and such and got it working without putting any money into it. I did go ahead and repaint it though and put new lights on it. So now it all works good. The weatherguard tool box on the new truck, I picked up for 25 bucks. Then it had some old worn out H/T tires on it when I got it, and the steel wheels had paint flaking off. So I took the wheels off, sanded them, primered them, painted and cleared them. Then worked out a deal with the local tire shop to do a little bit of mowing this summer and he put a set of brand new Mickey Thompson Baja M/Ts on the truck for me. It came with 235s on it and these new tires are 265s and still dont rub even with the plow on :weightlifter:. As far as everything else, just been extremely busy working my life away and making money. Done several installs this year already, lawns, and landscapes. Anyways, just came home for lunch and thought I'd update. I'll try to get some pics up later, no promises though. Soon as I drop my mowing trailer today I've gotta hook up to another one and go pick up a load of topsoil. So it may be a little bit.
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    Sounds like your nice and busy. Sounds like a good deal with the truck!
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    bout time you jump on the bandwagon and start a 2011 thread lol!!!

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    Hey, I read your other thread and posted in it also.
    Anyways it sounds like you had a good winter. Before bobcat48 ask you for pictures i will myself. I'm just kidding. Anyways I would like to see some pic of that truck. Hey but i know your busy. Its poring rain today is the only reason im on here.
    Take care
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    Haven't heard from u much on lawnswite since the fall. Looking forward to your updates.
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    Hey whats up Austin,sounds great to hear some updates,lawnsite has missed you lol.and kool u got a plowing truck u wanted.
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    Sounds like you are off to a good start for this year. Just wondering what you ended up doing for this year; going full time, college and work, or just taking a few college classes and work. I will have to say its starting to get hard being a full time college student and working, lot of late nights but I love it, its awsome when you actually get to prune trees and plant stuff around campus. But it sucks that I have all the college work and no college fun since I commute due to work. Good luck this year.
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    Pictures or Im gunna start putting them up for ya!
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    sounds like business is looking good for you this year! good luck, and I'm also looking forward to pics!
  10. OP
    Kennedy Landscaping

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    thanks guys. Brad you can put some up if you want too. I'm too tired now. I'm getting a 7x16 trailer in the morning. Tandem axle with brakes and a cage and all the racks. Trading my trailer straight across for it.
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