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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by jeff_0, Mar 29, 2003.

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    i used this seed to overseed last year. but i see on post that people say not to use it.. i just wanted to know why.. i checked the yards back out and they seem fine..
  2. Don't use it why?

    K31 is the cheapest Fescue you can by, but it's a good cooler climent grass. Can tolerate some heat and stress.
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    KY-31 was the first developed variety of tall fescue. It is used as a forage grass. It was also used for seeding rights-of-way, and sometimes in lawns. But it is a coarse grass. Newer turf type varieties of tall fescue are much more desireable for lawn use. But of course KY-31 is probably the cheapest of the tall fescues.

    KY-31 discussed here:
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    In my opinion, K-31 has both desirable and undesirable traits. And depending on individual tastes, you'll like or dislike it just like anything else.

    Personally, I really don't consider K-31 as a bonified variety of grass. To me there is too much variation from one bag to another. So much to the point that you see totally different traits in the grass from one to the other.

    It will vary in color, growth habit, thickness, blade width, hardiness, disease resistance, drought tolerance, heat tolerance and cold tolerance. So like I said, I don't consider it a variety.

    When you over seed these lawns and you most likely will, make dang sure you get the same "brand name" K-31 seed from the same point of origin. If you don't you'll be extremely sorry. I installed one large lawn where the customer supplied the material. They didn't get all one brand of K-31 and it turned out horrible. All the variations listed above reared their ugly head resulting in an ugly lawn.
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    I think for lawn purposes it's junk. Unless you like to fight weeds. On every bag of grass seed the GOV. requires the co to put a tag on the bag showing contents. Specifically the %of weed seed in this bag. Compare this to a good quality turf seed, 5% weeds to 0%. Also k-31 requires more fertilize to fill in than a good turf seed.
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    you could probably compare it to some other species here to see whats the best:
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    k-31 is good for a cow pasture.A blended hybred fescue that can tolerate different conditions such as heat, drought, shade is ideal for home turfs.k-31 is just that k-31 fescue.
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    31 works alrite. its the set up that makes a stand look good or not.theres more weed content but u gonna have to deal with weeds any way,if theres any fields etc around.not sayin the new strains of fescue arnt good . just seems to me the application makes more difference.jmo

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