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Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by SDNCLAWNCARE, Feb 17, 2007.


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    Its almost March and I'm wanting a lushish green yard this year. What would be the steps to bring my lawn back plush and deep green this year. Also, what kind of timetable am I looking at?
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    I suggest you take a soil sample to see what you need in the line of soil amendments and as soon as you get the results back, yuou apply the amendments, areate the lawn and overseed it with your favorite grass type. Your grass will soon be coming out of dormancy and the new seed will germinate as soon as the soil warms up to over 55*. By applying your fertilizers now, the N shouldnt evaporate into the air, and instead leach downward into the soil. Get-er-done now and by the end of March, your lawn will be the greenest in the neighborhood.

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