Keys (I learned my lesson)

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by ptlawnguy, May 1, 2006.

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    Friday I was hauling my trailer down the highway to cut a clients yard. When I get there to put my trailer gate down I see my zero turn key laying on the floor of my trailer. What are the odds of that tiny key not flying through the air and landing on the side of the road. I know I should have never kept that key in it to begin with but i never had a problem with it. That key is actually hard to pull out.
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    It is so hard to keep track of keys. I have a "regular" key ring where I have my house keys and both truck keys. Then my "work" key ring has all those keys plus keys to the shop, mowers, tractor, random locks, clients keys (when needed), and keys for locks on the trailer and trailer hitch. I feel like I will never forget one, but I hate having that big key ring hanging down from a mower as I am sure it will brake the ignition. So, I take the key off of the ring, but put my key ring under the seat of my truck. This way, I will remember the key that is in the mower and can't drive off without taking it out. It is a PITA, but I have never lost a key yet. I also have a doubles made up of all the keys and they are hidden at my house!:)

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