KGB vs Ketucky Blue

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by williampratt, Sep 4, 2003.

  1. williampratt

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    I'm getting ready to overseed this weekend in Connecticut. I had planned on using a Lesco Renovator with a Lesco Country Garden Blend (50% Kentucky Blue, 25% Creeping Fescue, 25% other?) at about a $1.10/#. I've just but reading a little about KGB. What exactly is this? Is it worth $3/#? Will it be better than what I'm doing?
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    Hey Bill. I'm in Southington. Small world. I think what you are referring to as "KGB" is actually "KBG" or Kentucky Bluegrass for short. Good luck with the seeding as I am doing the same this weekend myself.
  3. williampratt

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    Hey John,
    Ya, after a little more research I figured that one out. I'll most likely go with my original Lesco blend, but I found some interesting data at What kind of seed are you laying down?
  4. CT John

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    Yeah, I've seen that also. I just got my 50 lb bag of "Midnight" KBG yesterday. Looks like Midnight performs well in this area. I am looking forward to the results.
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    Blend seeds will not be affected by pest problems so readily. If they are damage is reduced

    A Monoculture lawn. One type of grass, will mean that that lawn prone to pest problems that target that one variety of grass.

    Bluegrass, take "summer patch" for example. Bluegrass is prone to that problem. An all Bluegrass turf can result with extensive damage.

    "Pythium Blight" is more prevelent in Rye grass

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