Kholer Command 25hp won't start

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by scag43, Oct 5, 2012.

  1. scag43

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    Hi, I was cutting grass and the motor shut off by itself and now it won’t start, it will crank but will not start. I did notice that when the key switch is in on position the amp gauge doesn't move at all, stay on 0 , before this happen, the amp gauge will go to 14 amps with the key switch in on position..Both fuses are good, I don't know what is wrong, I will appreciate any help, I need this mower...Thank You

    Motor: Kholer command 25hp mower model: Scag Turf Tiger STT52=25CH
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    Are you getting spark? What about fuel? So you were just using the mower and it shutdown mid use? Does it crank over at normal speed? Make sure any fuel filters are clean, also check that both cylinders are actually getting spark. Make sure all ground connections are secure as well As the +\- cables to And from the battery.

    That's all I can suggest at this point until more info is provided
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  3. Big Wes

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    Might be a bad battery. Take it out and have your dealer load tested. The shop will tell you if it's bad or not.
  4. scag43

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    :)Hi there, sorry for the late reply, the problem was air filter to old, carb was getting overflowed, I install new air filter and runs like before..Thank You:)
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    A true candidate for StumpTheTechnicianNameThatFailure...
    An air filter that fixes an Amp gauge,,and causes a no run / no start condition...

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