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Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by LightYourNight, Jan 13, 2009.

  1. irrig8r

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    Not having any experience with Kichler, I didn't pay attention to this thread until last night.

    But it does contribute to my passing on membership renewal this year.

    Thanks Mike.
  2. NightLightingFX

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    Those are concerning comments Mike made about the AOLP. As an AOLP member, I will be more alert to how things are handled. However, Regardless of some shady things that bd members may be guilty of. The AOLP is a great place for passionate outdoor professionals to network, learn and to establish some kind of national body to promote quality outdoor lighting - something that is despairatly needed. However, it is expensive to be active - the conference isn't cheap. Hopefully I will be able to make a conference every couple of years.

    I am going to defend the AOLP by saying: "Go to one of their conferences and decide for your self." If you are passionate about outdoor lighting you will throughly enjoy the AOLP's annual conference.

    The AOLP is also a great place to gain some credibility. By being a member and by passing the CLVLT exam an outdoor lighting professional can distinguish themselves from the hacks.
  3. irrig8r

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    I'm thinking there might be more lighting done just by the combined members of the CLCA than all of the AOLP membership.

    CLCA already represents my interests in other areas that these days are even more critical (i.e. water use) and already has a strong political lobbying presence here in California.
  4. JoeyD

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    CLCA is a great orginization for california Landscape and lighting contractors but its only in California!
  5. emby

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    Definition of an Association

    In general, an association is a group of persons banded together for a specific purpose. To qualify under section 501(a) of the Code, the association must have a written document, such as articles of association, showing its creation. At least two persons must sign the document, which must be dated.

    The definition of an association can vary under state law. You may wish to consult the law of the state in which the organization is organized. Note that for an association to qualify under section 501(c)(3) of the Code, its articles of association must contain certain language. Publication 557 contains suggested language


    Definition (Union)

    An organization of workers joined to protect their common interests and improve their working conditions.

    Definition (Mafia)

    any tightly knit group of trusted associates
  6. Chris J

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    ha ha. I like that explaination.

    MAGLIGHTING LawnSite Member
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    I have no knowledge of any financial indiscretion beyond the first year nor do I imply it. It was an isolated incident involving 1 individual which was dealt with in private. The bd member was removed. As for any so called shady dealings those are not my words either. Unless you call playing favoritism and politics shady.

    Most bd members should be commended as they have good intentions. On rare occasion there are some who have their own agenda.

    Taking and passing an unaccredited test doesn't do a thing to distinguish you from the hacks. In fact those who have passed are doing no better or no worse than those who haven't. Having a few letters and numbers after your name doesn't make you a premiere lighting pro. How many who have passed are flat broke and cannot afford to attend conference? I heard less than 20 contractors attended this years conference. Primary reason-couldn't afford it. Who is kidding who?

    You gain credibility not by your membership in this association but by getting results and building a client base. You distinguish yourself from the hacks with great projects and sound business practices. Your affiliation with this association guarantees you of neither. As for networking there are better opportunities to be found on lawnsite.

    Since when has the AOLP promoted quality outdoor lighting and to who?

    They just took on a distributor member before conference that had dirt cheap prices posted on their internet site. All of the products are clearly replicas of products already in the marketplace. Now I see that the suggested list prices appear on the site and not the end cost to whomever buys them, homeowners included.

    Several of their distributor members are reputed to sell direct to the public over the counter or through retail internet websites.

    Is this how they are promoting quality outdoor lighting by providing products supposedly meant for the pros to the general public?

    Thanks but No thanks !
  8. INTEGRA Bespoke Lighting

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    Ned, you are going to have to explain your logic here to me as I just don't get it.

    How is obtaining the CLVLT from the AOLP, going to distinguish you in any manner what so ever?

    Last time I checked nobody but AOLP members had any inkling as to what a CLVLT is. When is the last time you had a prospect or a client ask you if you were CLVLT certified?

    If the AOLP were to focus a bit more on getting involved in the struggles of our industry, thus gaining a strong reputation and some notariety, and were to combine that with some effort at building public awareness of the brand... then in time you might be able to benefit from your 'credentials'

    The way I see it going, it will not be long before the AOLP is a simple network of Manufacturer's, Distributors, and Direct Sales Agencies hawking their wares to any and all takers. They really should be more selective about what commercial interests they allow to join.
  9. worx

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    I would think successfully passing the CLVLT or the LITE would give you a leg up on the competition. Therefore gaining credibility with each customer through superior craftsmanship and knowledge. I'm not sure anyone would recognize the AOLP badge, but many people are used to seeing contractors associated with some type of organization/membership in there field.

    MAGLIGHTING LawnSite Member
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    In my opinion this is what it has become already. Very little membership benefit for anyone.

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