Kichler's New LED Lineup

Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by INTEGRA Bespoke Lighting, Feb 6, 2008.

  1. INTEGRA Bespoke Lighting

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    I heard about some new LED product from Kichler so I went to their website for more information.

    My first reaction to the page is: Did anyone at Kichler bother to talk for 5 minutes to a professional outdoor lighting contractor before they created these fixtures?

    Lets forget about the optics and photometrics for a minute and comment on the fixture designs! Wow... where to begin? This stuff looks really really cheap, poorly designed and rife with issues. It might be popular to the DIY'er crowd and trunk slammers who buy it online and through retailers everywhere, but it sure doesn't look like anything that will appeal to sophisticated professional contractors.

    15731AZT: Looks like an uplight glare bomb. An accessory cowl is available but looks limited in its ability to properly shield the light source from view. Clearly for uplighting only as you would not mount that aimed down at anything. Is it composite? No further details or specs available on the site at this time.

    15773AZT: Typical louvered brick light. No real issues there.

    15780AZT: Glare Bomb Step Light. Too many people think these fixtures are effective I suppose... everytime I see them my iris' snap shut to adjust for the bright translucent lens and I trip going up the steps.

    15782WHT: Typical Louvered step light. No real issues there. Certainly better then the one above. Hope they make one with a copper faceplate.

    15710BK: Now whose brain child is this thing? I mean really. Seriously? Glare bomb, ugly, function over form, horrible design, no shielding, too small to be taken seriously, looks like a science kit fixture. and all the mounting options appear to be accessories.

    If this is the direction that a major manufacturer like Kichler is going to take in terms of providing professionals with LED based fixtures they had better think again.

    Then again, they do have a Heron with light streaming out of it's butt.
  2. Mike M

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    Automated response from Mike M:

    I plan on giving my eyes and brain some stress relief today.
  3. Pro-Scapes

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    I agree about the looks of the fixtures. They would need to be well hidden.

    The AZT line is aluminum and the BBR line up is bronzed brass. Im not digging that shroud at all but i am still really interested in the performace of this fixture. The DG lights ones are much more appealing than these as far as form. I have yet to see the DG spots in person tho.

    If the color and performance there it will only be a short time before more appealing fixtures are out there. Someone told me the shape of the kichler increases the area and the ability to disapate the heat. Its not rreally any more ugly that your square NS fixtures tho
  4. INTEGRA Bespoke Lighting

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    Billy... if by referring to "your square NS fixtures" you are referring to the NS Guardian, then I would have an argument for you.

    1: They are not my fixtures! :laugh: I simply have used them sucessfully in the past as they are a very small, discreet, effective, closed, fixture that offers excellent glare control and can be custom colour coated and mounted effectively high up on architecture out of the field of view. In this application they virtually disappear from view, day and night. They are also much more cost effective then similar competitive lines such as the Hunza DL-Cop and the Lumascape LS201A (since so many here seem obsessed with keeping fixture costs low) It is nice to have a square element to use on architecture... sometimes round just looks out of place.

    2: It all comes down to the application. I would not mount any of those new Kichler LED fixtures anywhere a client might look at them or even see them. They look really cheap and "kit quality". Im sure they will appeal to the DIY market that can pick up Kicler product from about a million different online and retail store locations.
  5. NightScenes

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    James, did you look at these fixtures at the AOLP conference? They had them there. It was interesting that the photometrics is built into the fixture and you really had very little glare from an angle because the LED is counter sunk (I guess).
  6. Pro-Scapes

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    most the led's i have played with offer far less glare than a halogen unless you stare straight into them.

    Im really interested in what kichler has done with these. Can't wait to see one and see where things have progressed over the last 2 years I have been watching. Paul, Did you get a chance to see the output on these ? is there really a 35 and 50w halogen replacement ?
  7. Eden Lights

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    James, just a FYI. All your concerns were brought up at the Kichler conference this summer. The 731 is going to be the workhorse and it does have the cowl for glare control, but they think you want always need it, that's why it's a add-on. As far as the looks and design, they said the fixture was designed for the leds and photometrics, instead of stuffing leds in a convential fixture, which we all know doesn't work because of all the photometric problems.
  8. ccfree

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    it is actually about the heat dissipation...not photo metrics
  9. Pro-Scapes

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    Thats what I thought as mentioned above. Glad they didnt just shove the led's into an existing light. Seems more engineered than previous products from other manufactures.

    Im not nuts about the look but if thats whats working now its a tremendous step.
  10. ccfree

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    That is exactly it Billy. Even though Led's burn alot cooler than halogen temperature wise, they still need enough ventilation to dissipate the heat. That is why manufacturers spend so much money engineering these products. They don't want them to fail out of the chute.

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