Kicking this idea around,what do you think?

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by grandview (2006), May 1, 2012.

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    When I go out to do a bid on some landscape jobs and try and explain to the homeowner what what to put in or general idea they give you a blank look. Or they aren't sure what they want. Not taking major jobs either. Around here we have a couple of builders that build most of the homes,so most houses have the same looking front.So I was thinking of taking pictures of different homes that have different planting in the front. Then I could show basic ideas of what their house would look like. Also i would have a price sheet in my pocket so I could give them a price right away. Yes they would know that it's not my work but just a idea as to what could go there. Also price changes too.
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    Being creative is what it takes,whatever you do do it well and the rewards will follow.:)
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    What about a landscape design software with 3d rendering?
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    I'm a huge fan of Pro-Landscapes image editor.

    It sells jobs for me left and right. Generally I get the customers that either kinda know what they want, but they need something visual to put in into perspective. Or they've talked to multiple contractors and no one had the ability to show or project to the client what they want to do for them.

    Generally, if I'm confident that I landed the client and the house is a blank slate with only about 15 min of design work, then I won't charge for the design.

    But, if it's a PITA and takes me a good amount of time to design it, then I'll charge them for the time in the design and credit it back to them when the project is completed.

    Here is a link to show the advantages of a image editor program. Contractors want to go to these detailed 3d designs and I personally find that's even more than what is needed. Even if I just do a sloppy/quick image design, it still shows the client what we're trying to achieve for them.


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