Kid in a Candy Store - GIE


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Went to the Green Industry Expo today. WOW!

I felt like a kid in a candy store with two cent candy and I only had a penny in my pocket.

Saw a lot of really neat stuff. Amazing that there could even be a market for some of that highly priced highly specialized stuff. Would seem so hard to regain the investment.

Crazy how you would see the same attachment at several different vendors painted a different color with that vendors stickers all over it, but you could tell it was made by the same manufacturer and yet the vendor acted like it was all theirs and no one else had anything like it.

Saw the new 2001 Toro's at the Exmark booth, or was that the other way around? It was the Exmark's at the Toro booth. No wait it was both at both booths. (say that real fast three times)Oh well, saw them both.

Talked to a guy at a pesticide company (will not name) that told me he was not sure about the application af a PGR to Yews, so he said " Just spray'em, it shouldn't hurt'em, right?" I got confused at who was asking who. I forgot I was working that booth.

Seen a really neat rock vaccum to suck up landscape stones, if you have a need for such a thing.

Seen an insurance saleman running a R/C car around under people's feet. Must have been trying to show the need for a good liabilty policy through a practical example.

Seen a lot of things that myself and others will go back to the shop a make ourselves rather than pay such a high price for it.

Seen a few other things that I wondered, how can they do that, I can't buy the material for that price? So, I'll have to buy one from them since I cannot make it for that cheap.

Saw the lastest Lesco equipment traps at the Lesco booth, so new that corporate had not given the exhibitors a price yet! Must have been prototypes, looked good! I ordered ten of each kind! I just can't pass up a good deal.

Could not get away from a guy at a booth that wanted to talk auto racing. He must have been at the wrong show.

Seen this gal that, well never mind.

Seen a cool Blizzard snow plow that extended out to a wide width and could turn the ends frontward to hold snow like a pusher. Pretty cool!

All and all pretty cool adventure!



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good report. now about the girl....



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stanfield nc
All LC services need at least one . The gal
i mean.Adds flavor to the day.The equipment
sounded good to.


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Sammy, Did LM have their 2001 out there? They were saying they would have it out for the show. I can't wait to see it, did you get a chance or was it still the old version they had??

Looking forward to hearing back from you!


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Sugarland, TX
So it's out then. What's the deal with it..they've been building this up since June. How is it different from the old Lawn Monkey? Did they show it to you at the show? What were the guys like - always been nice over the phone wanted to meet them in person but too far a drive to get up there.