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Kid's pool


LawnSite Member
Central Alabama
I had a strange thought. While having a graduation party at my house, yesterday, and wishing more folks would sit outside to chat and visit, it occurred to me that something more than a lawn chair and a fan would be required to get them outside. I build an occasional pond and do lots of other rock work (walls, patios, etc.). What about building a natural stone kiddie pool? One large enough for children to not drown in (with parental supervision), but not so small that an adult couldn't't sit on the edge and dangle their feet in or simply just sit on the bottom to cool off. It would have a waterfall,,,probably an out of water pump (w/ GFCI, of course), and be maintained like an ordinary swimming pool. Is that possible? Will the pool chemicals stain the stone? Will it be alright to have the black flexible liner exposed on the bottom of the pool? What do you all think? Signed-Reflecting on too many people in my kitchen in Alabama!!!


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Berks County,Pa.
Excavator friend of mine who just relocated home to Alabama built this set up at his house here in Pa. Pool filter & chlorinated.This one was 10' + deep.Have seen others that aren't as deep in residential settings.....like a dipping pool.They have remote skimmers that are plumbed right over the top of your liner w/2" flex. I plan on trying this out in the near future @ my home.