Kids Toys. Cut This or Walk Away.


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South Carolina
I am so lucky, and I don't know how I got this lucky. I spend a lot of time at industrial accounts, but none of my residential properties have young children. And only one has a dog. How lucky can one get? I wouldn't walk away, but I would talk to them and tell them this isn't part of your normal mowing charge. See what you can work out.
I had a lady that owned an antique store ask me to price mowing the grounds. They have a fenced in area with a lot of items for sale. She wanted it all moved and everything mowed lol...I mean I need to go take a pic of this stuff. It's not a super huge area, but still, moving about 40 items from left to right, then moving it all back..THEN do the right side the same way. I could probably have serviced the entire place in about 45 mins minus the merchandise. But I bet it would be at least 45 mins of moving things back and forth in addition to mowing...No thanks lol.. I just told her I was scared I would sling something up with the mower and trimmer and break the precious antiques and I didn't want to be responsible

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