Kids Toys. Cut This or Walk Away.


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He claims the 30’s don’t work for him.
From turf tracers posts they use wb 32 or 36 in front and where they fit

Alot of new developments here have backyard access issues too stairs hills and gates
I have a customer whos access is only through neighbors yard:dizzy:
ZERO thought to maintenance when designing these houses and landscaping:wall :realmad:

As for the toys I'd move them and either upcharge with an explanation or increase their rate , would be worst case scenario pricing in the future


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obetz ohio
I would not mow until it rains. Don't move anything, just zig zag with push mower, being sure to spray all toys with wet grass. Naaaww, just kidding. I would kindly tell the homeowner. If they left them out after that I would just not show up anymore.