Kids, walkbehinds and no shoes...

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Brieldo, Jun 9, 2003.

  1. Brieldo

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    The other day I was driving home from some function with my girlfriend and I drove by a family out in the yard. The mom was gardening, the dad was talking to his kid and the other son was on the trampoline. As I got closer, the kid, probably 8-10 years old, started mowing the lawn...WITHOUT SHOES!!!!!! Bare foot, swimtrunks and no shirt on. I swung the super duty back around, pulled up to the guys house, got out and asked the father "Do you have any idea what could happen to your sons feet if he got them caught int eh mower? " The dad just looked at me stupified and said "Uh, yeah, Uh...I guess so..." I then said, "I'm not your child's parent but I think you should seriously reconsider your parenting when it comes to allowing your son to cut grass..." With that, I walked away, got back in teh truck and drove away.

  2. ElephantNest

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    What's more unbelievable is that he didn't knock your lights out.

    But, I agree, stupid parenting.
  3. bobbygedd

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    yea, really, next time you tell me how to raise my kids, youre in for it, pal
  4. Gravely_Man

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    Even with your comment the sad thing is that nothing probably changed. Some people just don't think and who can expect an 8-10 year old to realize mowing without shoes is unsafe. I probably would have stopped but not been as direct because obviously the parents don't have the child's safety in mind.

  5. Brieldo

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    Hit a 6'5' 295 lb person and end up in the hospital...

    Go ahead and talk about assault charges and all that other BS that people here like to talk about....bottom line is he was irresponsible and it could've led to a permanantly injured child...

    Forget the fact that I was blunt and straightforward...look at what's more important: a child's safety.
  6. cos

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    LOL I also agree with this statement... both of them.
  7. LawnSmith

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    childs safety more important than getting sued? YES, any day of the week.

    i do agree that shoes(preferably boots) are a must when mowing or using any type of machine. but, shoes, boots, steeltoes, etc., dont stand a chance up against a mower blade. if any part of your body slips under there, its good bye.

    my uncle is the Superintendent @ a local course here in Kentucky. even though he is the "boss man" of the grounds crew, he still does a lot of work. they have a lot of areas that are used w/ walk behinds(scag 48" in this case), and dont use velkes/sulkies.

    he was mowing around the clubhouse area one morning and went to make a turn and start another line. thats when disaster struck. he turned the mower so sharp that it actually turned over top of his foot before he was behind it completely. he felt the blade hit his toe but he kept on walking. a few steps later, he looked down on his shirt only to see his whole big toenail stuck to his shirt!. he flicked it off, shut down the mower, and begain to inspect his foot. well, it was cut very badly and he was driven to the hospital.

    the doctors sewed him up and all went well but, they told him if he was wearing steel toed boots, his foot would have been a lot worse. i said the same thing most people would think. "a lot worse w/ steel toed boots?" the doctors said the steel toe would have acted as "shrapnel" and cut the foot and toes worse than the blade itself.

    i dont know what the point of the rant was except that shoes do protect you to a certain extent but they can only do so much.

    regardless, the father should tell his son to wear shoes when mowing. it shouldnt take a passer-by to tell him.....
  8. JB1

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    I applaud your efforts in telling the parents, on the shoes I heard this might be morbid but with tennis shoes it will cot it clean and easy to sew back on but withsteel toe it will rip and tear and a lot harder to repair had a lco in louisville tell me who had an employee got hurt.
  9. turfcare

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    If for nothing else, you have a lot more traction when wearing shoes. You are less likely to slip.
  10. crazygator

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    I think its sad that a person (you) passing by cared more than the actual parent. That is the ways of the world we live in now days.

    Just think how stupid he will really feel when something really bad does happen, and he thinks about your stopping.

    What an idiot! Good for you for stopping.

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