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    Hi, we recently moved into a new house that already had turf laid, the turf is about 6 months old now. I'm not much of a grass expert and would like to know what our grass is. I think its Kikuyu but am open to corrections. I've attached a photo (I hope). Any suggestions would be appreciated.


    grass 1.jpg
  2. Mickhippy

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    Term, this is an American site so you may have trouble finding the answers your looking for. You could try... as it is an Aussie site.
    It does look like Kykuyu to me though.
  3. elleau

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    I think thatÂ’s Kikuyu. Help your lawn to recover by aerating, fertilising and frequent mowing, it only needs proper care to keep it lush and beautiful. I also advise that you be careful when using weed herbicides as it may not work well with your kikuyu turf. :)

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