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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by omanitsdan, Jul 15, 2007.

  1. omanitsdan

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    i have a customer who has a gravel parking area that is constantly being infested with grasses and just ugly junk. there isn't any yards nearby and it's a long way to any streams or water, so i am looking for something that will just destroy these weeds for as long as possible. it seems all those products in home depot or w/e are fairly the same, so is there anything else i can get w/o having to have a chemical engineer's liscense that works? thanks
  2. P.Services

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    i get this stuff from tsc tractor supply company called ameine it will kill every thing trees also. its very cheap
  3. teeca

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    i use hyvar xl, good results here's the link to the lable word of caution, you will need a license to apply any chemical to someones property, and you will most likly get slamed on here for not having one. you can also try pramitol (sp?) i know you can find it at tractor supply, but i didn't like the resualts.
  4. upidstay

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    Round up and Sahara. Sahara is a bare ground vegetation control.
  5. Fertboy

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    Sahara works well. We applied this to a new tennis court construction. It was applied to bare soil after the final grading, before they trucked in crush in run. The crush has been sitting there for almost 3 weeks and no weeds have emerged. We picked up the 32 oz bottles at lesco they cover 8K , we applied at 4oz/1000 with 2gpm head. Stay away from pramitol 25 (spelling) availible at SS, this stuff leaches bad and moves lateraly with rain

  6. ACutAboveNC

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    Sahara will do the trick for bare ground vegetation . My local dealer always ask what are you going to do with the product. There was a guy in the area that killed off 12 mature trees and the ladies entire landscape with Sahara.
  7. Fertboy

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    Yep, all total veg control products can do that. These products really shouldn't be used in a landscape setting . Thats why the labels all basically state do not apply near landscaping or where future landscaping is anticipated. They work well for gravel drives,parking lots etc, just keep a good buffer between turf,trees etc. Especially mature trees with a large root zone way out past the drip line.

  8. ATVracer

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    LOL....what is it 2,4-D?
  9. americanlawn

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    Roundup + pre is the safe way to go, but Sahara is a "somewhat safe" soil sterilent since it does not leach much. You have to stay completely away from tree roots nomatter what product you use.
  10. ACutAboveNC

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    It is a good idea to stay away from tree root systems but most of what the green industry sprays is ornamental safe in non concentrated form.

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