Kill grass now or wait until spring?

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by TurnerLawn&Landscape, Dec 1, 2010.

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    I put up $150 worth of free landscaping at a local festival in order to get my name out there and pick up a new customer.
    The woman who had the highest bid called me and wants to put sod down in her front yard 15'x12'. There is existing grass that is in decent shape. Am I better of spraying the grass now and killing it...or waiting until spring. Also....what is the earliest or latest in the year you have successfully installed sod. I live in Northern Kentucky just across the Ohio River from Cincinnati. Thanks.
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    Hey Turner, I believe we have met.
    Spraying the grass with glyphosate/roundup this time of year will be a waste of time, the grass needs to be actively growing to take up the chemical.

    There really is no need to spray the grass, the best approach is to cut the existing sod out by hand or with a sod cutter. Regrade, then lay the new sod. You could also use a tiller to remove the existing sod, just a little more time consuming.

    We've laid sod throughout most of the winter with success. The good thing about laying sod this time of year is that tilling and preparing the soil is not as important because of the constant freezing and thawing, mother nature takes care of it. As opposed to laying sod through the summer months when the ground really should be tilled 4,5,6" deep to help hold moisture and promote root growth.
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    i agree, get a sod cutter as long as the ground is not frozen you can put the sod down tomorrow. i would remove all the old stuff first then order the sod. you don't want 2 day old sod. also if there is a weed problem as long as the weeds are not purple (from going dormant) take them out with a trimec or gly and wait 24hrs before sod cutting this will give the chemicle time to translocate so you dont have problems in the spring from weed roots that were sodded over. also make sure there is at least a acceptable amount of topsoil already in the lawn before installing the sod. take care of the headaches before they become headaches.
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    hey there brentwood....thanks for the help from both of you....greatly appreciated

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