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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by jimbo11, Oct 7, 2005.

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    I have an issue with some grass. I spayed the grass with some commercial grass killer that I bought at Home Depot. I then put down a fabric barrier that I also bought at Home Depot. Next river rock went on the area about 2" thick. I now have grass growing up right through the holes in the barrier and popping up through the rocks. Is there anything I can do to kill this grass permanently?
    I have read several things on this website from orange oil, vinegar, salt etc...
    Does anyone have a reccomendation that will kill the grass forever?

  2. Runner

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    I think the key phrase is when the fabric barrier and the term "Home Depot" showed up in the same sentence. Yes, there is a difference between the real stuff and this stuff.
  3. ArizPestWeed

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    Why are there holes in trhe berrier ?
    Do you mean , grass comimg up through the seems where they meet?
    What kinda grass is it ?
    How many square feet in area ?
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    what you are talking about is a sterilant, that would solve the grass problem....and everything else around it and wherever the water table takes it too. If it is just grass kill it with poast or fusilade these products can be sprayed over flowers and shrubs w/o killing them.
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    I agree and believe you might of missed the 2" layer of stones as a better reason for the grass growing. Depending on Particle size of the stone mulch the depth will make a differences. 2" I believe will still allow enough light to reach the ground with 1/2" or 3/4" particle size. I alway install at least a just short of 4 " of stone mulch and on big Particle size I go deeper.

    The quick and economy way to care for this problem is to Top dress with another 2 " of stone. Fabric barrier is often called Weed mat and I will admit a good Fabric Barrier will keep weeds down. I used it in the Nursery for years with nothing but container material on top of it. I also used plenty of fertilizer on the container material and it got watered several times a day. But the real propose of Fabric Barrier is to keep the stone from sinking into the dirt. It is the stone that keep the beds weed free.
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    It's spelled " seams" not seems , silly !
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    Now I know this is not staying with the post but I had a good laugh :laugh: at you correcting yourself. Thanks for that one :D
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    I got paranoid as it followed my post. I re read my own post 5 times looking for the wood "seems". Finally I started back up the thread until I came to Air Heads posts. :blob4: Wow what a relief. Had to laugh at myself as well as Air Head. :D
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    Ric , it's spelled " word" not " wood "
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    :D Oooooops :D

    LMAO at my typo Myself.

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