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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by handyzac, Jan 30, 2008.

  1. handyzac

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    whats the best way to kill bermuda grass
  2. Rayholio

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  3. ted putnam

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    We were told one year in training that it didn't matter if you sprayed it at midnight with a full moon waving a dead chicken over couldn't kill it. Sometimes I believe it. However, I have had decent results spraying it with Fusilade in ornamentals and zoysia grass. It tends to be a slow kill but it does work. Other than that...multiple shots of glyphosate. good luck
  4. RigglePLC

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    Go nuclear.

    But seriously...Clarify the you mean mixed with Kentucky bluegrass? In shrubbery or gardens? In cracks in your driveway?

    Read the label carefully "Do not use triclopyr on Bermuda grass" , "Do not use Acclaim Extra on Bermuda grass" . "Can be used to suppress Bermuda grass" .
    So if you have bluegrass or rye, the most recommended method is to mix these too. Repeated applications, 4 times at least.

    I tried it last year( in rye and bluegrass)--not successful--after four or five times the homeowner asked me to stop.
  5. grassman177

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    really the best way is to wait a few days after a mowing, spray with roundup quick pro. let this do it s job and two weeks later mow it much shorter and bag. spray withe another app of roundup quick pro. then, if you are lucky, wait an additional week or so and spot treat anything that is green left . this is a tried and true method:dizzy: i use. jsut be very diligent and thorough
  6. handyzac

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    i greatly appreciate all the input, thankyou men.
  7. Ric

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    I know I have posted this several times before.

    The U of F recommends Glyphosate and Fusilade be applied at 2 week intervals 4 times in order to control Bermuda. I have had success applying Glyphosate and Fusilade twice and then laying sod on top of the area at least 10 days after the last application. The sod helps by blocking off sun light. Remember Fusilade had at least a 7 day residual and can kill new sod.
  8. fertguy2008

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    you could use glyphosate and imazapyr but watch out for leaching.
  9. ihateweeds

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    The best combination hands down is a mixture of Acclaim Extra and Turflon Ester. Intial cost is the only downside, as the Turflon can be quite expensive.

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